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Part 1: What a Wedding Caterer Costs

Every couple headed down the aisle wants to know what the caterer will cost. And with good reason. The simple answer is, IT DEPENDS! The old joke about caterers is, “Do you want it good, prompt, or cheap. Pick two!”

At Crave Catering, we know this is no laughing matter. We have the experience to help our clients realistically assess their wants, needs, and budget — and ensure that getting hitched goes off without a catering hitch.

There are many areas of expense to consider: menu, beverages, rentals, service style, service staff, and location. Plan on spending an average of $60–$120 per guest. We can help you define, and narrow down, that range.

Realize that caterers, like all event professionals, pay for their overhead with the functions they service. That’s why we don’t participate in wedding shows or conventions. Why give away our goods? We’re protecting you from these excessive expenses!

Consider this unfortunate but all-too-typical scenario:

To plan wisely, we suggest doing your homework up front to determine whether you truly like a caterer’s style. Then choose your top two or three and inquire within.

Founded in 1997, Crave Catering offers cost-effective and sustainable service from end to end, including:

We’ll be happy to answer any questions or provide more information. Or complete our online Catering Request Form at

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